Total Asset Protection Course

Estate Planning and Asset Protection using Trusts – February 2022 – $4,997

In this 2-day weekend you will learn:
How to integrate your financial world – business, personal, and asset protection – (estate planning and retirement acceleration)

  • Total Asset Protection – Learn how to avoid frivolous lawsuits, dreaded death taxes, confusing conflicting advice from different siloed advisors, and the hassle and expense of public exposing probate. Build your wealth castle like a fortress…with a drawbridge…and a moat…and crocodiles to make it close to impossible to have your hard-earned money disappear from something preventable. 
    • In this course you will learn:
      1. Learn the three types of trusts that you may ever need and how to set them up yourselves
      2. Learn the 22 benefits of trusts – including privacy (which LLC’s may not provide in the future)
      3. Learn how to create a comprehensive estate plan that avoids probate
      4. Learn how lawsuits work and how to become very hard to be sued, even stop lawsuits from beginning through naming techniques
      5. Learn how trust works and who the players are
      6. We will go sentence-by-sentence of two different types of trusts, so you understand them completely
      7. Learn about ‘subject-to’ and why you can move a property into a land trust and not have the note accelerated
      8. Learn how to become a Trustee
      9. Learn about other types of trusts for more advance estate and tax planning
      10. We will have you set up a trust for a bank account during class – one that you will be able to use with your bank