Real Estate Investing 101

Real Estate Investing 101 – $1,997

In this 3-day weekend you will learn:
How to integrate your financial world – business, personal, and asset protection – (estate planning and retirement acceleration)

  • Retire Rich Investing – Learn about how the wealthy invest in their most favored asset class while paying no income taxes and receiving true passive income month after month… and how you can too… without paying the wealth draining fees common with other investments. 
    • The different types of real estate
    • The differences in income from real estate transactions
    • The four benefits of investing in real estate
    • Receive multiple calculators to best help you invest
    • Learn about depreciation and cost segregation
    • How to flip houses, wholesale properties, rentals, short-term rentals, group homes, residential assisted living homes, multi-family
    • How to analyze real estate deals and determine which deal provides the best choice for your goals
    • Real estate terminology
    • Finding money to invest
    • How to partner with other investors