Paycheck to Passive Income™

NEXT COURSE DATE: Jan 16, 2022

In this 1-day course you will learn:
How to create $10,000+ a month tax-free beach money (money that you don’t have to spend time earning)

A Shift in Thinking About Work, Money, and Retirement

SMART Mindset – This course will leave you with a new attitude about work and why you would want to maximize your income. We will teach you the framework to keep more money, pay less taxes, and accelerate your retirement income. Learn why and how the rich treat their money as a business and the middle class don’t.

Multiply Your Cash Flow – We will teach how to make more money with your job and look at ways to add to your income. The more money you can make over the next five years can determine how fast you retire and how wealthy you will be.

Align Your Taxes – You will be given ways to reduce your tax liability so you can keep more money to invest.

Retire Fast Investing – Learn a proven system that will generates $2,000+ a month that can grow year over year. We will teach how the wealthy invest in their most favored asset class while paying no income taxes and receiving true passive income month after month… and how you can too… without paying the wealth draining fees common with other investments. 

Total Asset Protection – Once you start growing your assets, people will want to take them away from you. In this section, we will teach the basics of building your wealth castle like a fortress…with a drawbridge…and a moat…and crocodiles to make it close to impossible to have your hard earned money disappear from something preventable…if you only knew the secrets of avoiding the Danger Zone in the first place.